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Why Software is the Solution to Removing the Barriers to Learning

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University undergraduate degree programmes across the UK start this week.

It’s a good time to remember that up-to-date information should be accessible no matter what device your students are using or what language they speak.

To make sure your students can access information to learn you need to consider the variety of barriers that get in the way of their learning experience in different places.

These include in lectures and seminars, in the library or computer labs, or whilst they study at home or on the go (e.g. whilst travelling).

Assistive software can remove barriers to learning

Different types of assistive software can remove these barriers and support students in a variety of ways, depending on their needs.

For example, software can support your students who have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia to access digital academic content.

It can help them with spelling and vocabulary, or by having the text of content read out aloud to them or if they struggle to concentrate when reading long passages of text.

Also, assistive software can help people who have full or partial sight-loss to access digital content by allowing them to zoom in on text and opt to have text read aloud to them.

Software can also make digital content accessible for people who don’t speak English as a first language, by offering them the option to translate the content into the language of their choice.

Recite Me is perfect for your disabled students

Recite Me is an assistive technology screen reader, with a variety of other assistive functionalities,  that will let all your students access your website and e-learning platform anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device or PC.

Although it’s similar to other assistive technology software programmes it can offer your students a wider range of features to suit all needs.

It’s perfect for students with learning difficulties like dyslexia or disabilities such as full or partial sight-loss.

Your students can use it to have text from any website read-aloud to them and it also lets them download and save any written web content as an MP3 file.

This means they can listen to it on any mobile device or PC, where and when they want to.

Recite Me can also let your students choose the exact colour contrast between the text and background by letting them pick the combination of font colour and background colour that works best for them.

And it lets users change the font type and size, zoom in on any part of a webpage, plus it has a spell-checker and a fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus.

The other advantage of Recite Me is that any of your students who don’t speak English as their first language can use the translation tool to access web content in their language of choice.

This tool removes the language barrier to learning that some students face and lets them learn in their language of choice.

Book your free trial now!

Do you want to ensure you’re removing the barriers to learning for your students by making your academic web content accessible to everyone?

Book a free trial of Recite Me for your university now or check out our free accessibility scanner.

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