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Website Accessibility Assistive Toolbar

The Recite Me cloud-based technology toolbar makes your website digitally inclusive by allowing visitors to customise your content so that they can consume it in ways that work best for them.

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Creating customisable experiences to suit individual needs

In today’s world everything we do is online, from booking holidays to looking after our finances and applying for jobs. Every website user deserves an inclusive online experience with customisable options allowing them to choose how they navigate and consume information.

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Just as each of your website visitors is unique, so is every client we engage with. Our bespoke pricing plans are flexible to suit your business and budget, based on your digital landscape. Competitive packages provided on an annual subscription for one to three years. 

To kick start your accessibility journey and discuss pricing please book in a call with Recite Me team.


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Additional Benefits

The Recite Me cloud-based assistive technology toolbar makes your website digitally inclusive by allowing visitors to customise your content so that they can consume it in ways that work best for them.


Once you’re up and running we can provide you regular reports showing the number of launches, feature usage, and more. The Recite Me Google Analytics tag will allow you to track website assistive toolbar usage on individual pages and against specific outcomes. Total transparency so you can get this insight you need to support your visitors and your business.

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You’re taking steps to improve website accessibility and make user journeys through your website more inclusive. We think you should shout from the rooftops about this and we love to help our clients do just that. Whether it’s support with internal PR, helping with landing pages, or working together on social media posts we’re on hand.

Integrating with any platform

Adding Recite Me assistive technology to your website couldn’t be easier. You simply drop some javascript into your site and decide what the launch button/link should look like. Typically installation takes only an hour or two, and our team will be on hand to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Accessibility Toolbar FAQs

Accessibility Toolbar Software allows users to customise and adjust website elements to their individual needs. This looks at aspects such as font style, size, colour, zoom functionality, keyboard navigation, screen readers and more.

Web Accessibility Toolbars are very beneficial as they provide the necessary solutions to make websites accessible to those who experience disabilities on a daily basis. Each user can customise the website using the toolbar to make it usable for them.

From a business perspective, this is beneficial to increase your brand’s reach, by making your website available to all types of people, regardless of disabilities. As a result of this, businesses should usually experience an increase in customers and revenue, as more of their visitors are able to visit the website.

But, it’s not just people with disabilities that benefit from the various features. The toolbar has been praised for improving user experience across all website visitors. Examples of this in practice include users who prefer audio content to text-based, this can be made possible through use of the screen reader technology.

Additionally, our toolbar is beneficial from a legal perspective, due to the various legislation in place around the world. Examples include the WCAG Guidelines, UK Equality Act, FCA Consumer Duty and more. All of which look at various non-compliant websites that fail to comply with the necessary accessibility standards and requirements.

Installation of the Recite Me Web Toolbar is extremely fast and efficient. We’ll install it for you on a day of your choice and installation takes no more than 20 to 30 minutes. Once installed it will be available immediately for use.

There are many free accessibility tools that can be used, however, these address a fraction of the accessibility requirements and can often be poor in quality, design, functionality and usability.

Recite Me provides a leading accessibility software solution. Our tool is compliant with all of the WCAG requirements and guidelines, meaning everyone can use your website easily. The toolbars design and functionality has been fine-tuned to perfection with over a decade of data and analysis, listening to customer feedback and needs.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated team to help with installation and any further support you may need. We’ll also help you with monthly data reports and analysis, based on how many people used the tool and the different features.

Our accessibility tool is simple to understand and easy to use, the tool was built with usability in mind. The design is simplistic, with self-explanatory icons making the tool easy to navigate. We have a full user guide available, that gives a full in-depth overview of all of the different accessibility features the toolbar has to offer.

Our assistive toolbar adheres to the latest WCAG standards and guidelines, which is the golden standard for accessibility. This includes a wide variety of disabilities, although some of the most common include; low vision, motor impairments and cognitive disabilities.

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