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Accessibility Statement

We have developed this website to ensure that it is usable by everybody, regardless of age or disability.

Measures to support accessibility

Recite Me Ltd takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of Recite Me:

  • Include accessibility as part of our mission statement.
  • Include accessibility throughout our internal policies.
  • Integrate accessibility into our procurement practices.
  • Provide continual accessibility training for our staff.

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) define requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. Recite Me is partially conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Partially conformant means that some parts of the content do not fully conform to the accessibility standard.

Using our site

We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website.  

This means that you can:

  • Change contrast levels
  • Modify the font, colours, line height or spacing of text
  • Zoom in up to 200% without text spilling off the screen
  • The text will reflow in a single column when you change the size of your browser window
  • Navigate the website using just a keyboard
  • Translate the website into a different language
  • Listen to the website using a screen reader

We’ve also made the website text as simple as possible to understand.

We also provide assistive technology, enabling all website visitors to customise their experience through a range of options to suit their online accessibility and language needs. 

The Recite Me toolbar provides text-to-speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 65 text-to-speech voices and many other features.

Known limitations

Whilst we try to maintain a high standard of accessibility on our website, there are some known limitations. These are documented below.

  • Some videos may not have captions
  • We do not provide audio descriptions for videos.

Non-accessible Content

Below we have listed where the Recite Me website is reporting non-accessible issues in regard to single A and Double AA WCAG success criteria.

  • A – 1.3.1 – Info & Relationships – Hidden field on forms with no label tag to reduce spam.
  • A – 3.3.2 – Labels or Instructions – Hidden field on forms with no label tag to reduce spam.
  • A – 4.1.1 – Parsing – Duplicate IDs within the DOM
  • AA – 3.2.4 – Consistent Identification – Renaming of similar fields to become unique.

Between our Marketing and Tech teams Recite Me will actively process all errors throughout the website using the Recite Me Accessibility scanner to resolve issues and mitigate new errors as content is changed and created.

Reporting Accessibility Problems with this Website

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website.  If you encounter content that you cannot access, then please contact us on the details below and we will provide you with an accessibility alternative.

Michael.halpin@reciteme.com / +44 191 432 8092  

Any feedback we receive will be dealt with by the Head of Marketing and we aim to get back to you within 48 hours. (if a response is requested).

If you are not happy with how respond to issues you have raised with us about the accessibility of our website, then contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS). The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is responsible for ensuring websites meet accessibility standards.

Third-party content and functionality

We may make use of third-party resources that embed content on our website. Wherever possible we will ensure these are conformant.

Technical Information About this Website’s Accessibility

Recite Me is committed to making its website accessible, in line with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. 

We aim for conformance with the WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1) at level AA. 

This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard, due to the non-compliances listed below.

Technical specifications

Accessibility of Recite Me relies on the following technologies to work with the particular combination of web browser and any assistive technologies or plugins installed on your computer:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

These technologies are relied upon for conformance with the accessibility standards used.

Assessment approach

Recite Me Ltd assessed the accessibility of Recite Me by the following approaches:

  • Self-evaluation via the Recite Me Accessibility Scanner on 25 template pages that cover the Recite Me website landscape 

What we’re doing to improve accessibility

Our accessibility journey is continuing. We regularly scan the website to confirm fixes of known issues and schedule the fixing of any new issues.

This statement was last updated on June 8th 2023 and is reviewed at least once a year.

This website was last scanned on June 8th 2023.