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Utilities Accessibility

Every home needs access to gas, water and electricity. Yet, utility services are not always readily available to all. Providing an inclusive experience online enables everyone to access vital utility services and personal accounts barrier-free.

Electricity Pylon Utilities Sector

Customers Face Online Barriers When Accessing Utility Services

People’s everyday tasks now take place online, such as managing energy accounts and paying bills. Many of the 14.1 million people in the UK who have a disability often encounter barriers online when completing these simple tasks.

Most consumers pay at least 10 separate household bills a month, and over 50% of these are paid online. Improving web accessibility and providing practical and efficient ways for customers to communicate online can avoid stressful situations for vulnerable customers.

Why Utility Organisations Need to Provide an Inclusive Online Experience

Increased Revenue
1 in every 5 people has a physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological disability. So if your website isn’t accessible, you’re missing out on 20% of the market share.
Support the Vulnerable
Every home needs access to gas, water and electricity. But when websites are not inclusive, vulnerable citizens cannot manage their accounts.
Enhanced Brand Image
Welcoming people with varied disabilities and access needs promotes your commitment to inclusion and sets you apart from the competition.

Let us show you how easy it can be.

Millions of utilities webpages made accessible through the use of assistive technology

Assistive technology on utilities websites can provide more practical and efficient ways for customers to communicate online and it can help use employee time more effectively. 

The Recite Me assistive toolbar breaks down online access barriers making it easier to access information and advice online. Users can make single or multiple adjustments to a website to create a uniquely customised experience.

This is the total number of users who launched the Recite Me toolbar on utilities websites.
This is the total number of pages viewed using the Recite Me toolbar.
Higher than the industry average pages viewed per session.
Utilities Sector Guide Mock Up
Download our Online Accessibility Guide for the Utilities Sector

Find out some of the leading utility organisations we work with and how assistive technology can help support customers in vulnerable circumstances.


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