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Create an inclusive experience online by providing accessibility and language options to enable everyone to customise your website in a way that works for them.

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Over 1 billion people worldwide encounter barriers when trying to read and understand content online. This can be due to disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairments or if people speak English as a second language.

Without additional accessibility and language options, people are unable to perform everyday tasks from paying bills and researching services and support, to applying for their next career move.

Recite Me website accessibility plugin software provides every online user with the tools they need to create a unique experience.

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Allow everyone the opportunity to use your website in the way that it is intended

Recite Me supports each visitor by providing website accessibility options so that they can tailor your website to suit their individual needs. Digital accessibility needs vary.

Worldwide your site may be inaccessible because:

one in five people disabled

People Are Disabled

15% people dyslexia

People Have Dyslexia

10% people worldwide Learning disabilities

Have Learning Disabilities

4m Speak English As A Second Language

Speak English As A Second Language

disabled adults never used the Web in 2019

Disabled adults never used the Web in 2019

People Can't Read or aWrite

People Can't Read or Write

Why Choose Recite Me Accessibility Technology

In today’s world, everything we do is online, from booking holidays to looking after our finances and paying our bills. Every website user deserves an inclusive online experience with customizable options allowing them to choose how they navigate and consume information.

Recite Me assistive technology provides your customers with all the functions they need to understand and engage with your products and services. Our unique website accessibility tool allows for adjustments to all elements of the page including text, graphics, language, and navigation.

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The right thing to do

Everyone should have the opportunity to be able to access online content. Make your website inclusive to all by supporting people who are neurodiverse, visually impaired, speak English as a second language or of old age.


The smart thing to do

Make your business available to a wider audience and enhance the user experience journey on your website. Providing accessibility technology increases web traffic, engagement and ultimately leads to more uptake and sales conversions.

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The thing I must do

There are several international and regional laws plus many local regulations that stipulate how a website should be designed and built. Avoid negative customer sentiment and possible lawsuits by providing an inclusive experience online.

Latest News and Media

Stay up to date with the latest client news, accessibility insight and events from Recite Me.

Kicking Inclusion into Football with Birmingham County FA

16 Aug 2022 | news

Birmingham County FA has put accessibility at the forefront of their game with the implementation of Recite Me assistive tools on their website. In doing so, diversity and inclusion needs are being met and many communities in the past who may have found it difficult to engage with Birmingham FA can now do so with ease. Birmingham County FA is the not-for-profit governing body for football in Birmingham, that aims to ensure that no matter who you are or how you identify that they will support and guide you every step of the way. By implementing Recite Me assistive technology those with additional needs can interact with their local county FA. We caught up with Kevin Shoemake, Chief Executive of Birmingham Country Football Association to discuss what this partnership has meant for the FA. “We are conscious that we live in a digital world where most people interact online. “The world wide web is a fantastic tool but it creates its own challenges when customers are trying to read and understand our online content due to disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairments or if people speak English as a second language. “Launching this fantastic tool will make it so much easier and more comfortable for many participants who require information or support via our website for them to be able to better access and find the content they desire in a format that suits their individual needs. “ 14.1 million people in the UK have a disability that may affect their ability to read and understand online information. In the past 12, months over 25 million web pages have been made accessible with the Recite Me toolbar as we take the steps necessary to ensure an inclusive digital world. Kevin continued, “The unique software, which is integrated into our website, enhances the user experience by allowing them to adjust elements of the web page including text, graphics, colour, language, and navigation.” If you would like more information on the Recite Me toolbar head to our contact page or book a demo with a member of our friendly team.

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Recite Me Announced as Purple Tuesday UK Sector Partner to Drive Inclusive Experiences Online

15 Aug 2022 | news

Recite Me is proud to support Purple Tuesday, as we work together with all partners to drive awareness across the globe to improve customer experiences for disabled people and their families. What is Purple Tuesday? Purple Tuesday is an amazing global movement that is dedicated to improving the disabled customer experience. The initiative inspires leaders and staff from organisations across all sectors and sizes to promote awareness, develop understanding, and implement solutions for better accessibility in their customer environments. Each year Purple Tuesday is celebrated on the first Tuesday of November, this year it falls on the 1st of November. In 2021 the celebration in the United Kingdom reached over 19 million people. This year Purple Tuesday is stepping it up and going global for the first time - events are being held in the UK, USA, UAE, Southeast Asia, and Pakistan. Recite Me is proud to be a Purple Tuesday UK Sector Partner This year Recite Me is delighted to be a Purple Tuesday UK Sector Partner. We have been a big supporter of Purple Tuesday since its launch in 2018 so we couldn’t be happier to be a named sector partner. Improving the disabled customer experience is something we are very passionate about and together with Purple Tuesday partners across the world, we will do just that. Purple Tuesday is running a number of in-person events around the globe for partners, ambassadors and those with lived experience of disabilities to come together. We are very excited to share that on Tuesday 1st November Ross Linnett, Recite Me CEO and Founder, will be attending the iconic Piccadilly lights when they shine bright purple for all to see. Keep your eyes peeled for information and photos closer to the time. "Recite Me is proud to be Purple Tuesdays' sector partner for assistive technology! Together we can open up the conversation about accessibility and inclusion online to a wider audience, faster! Improving the disabled customer experience online is the core mission of Recite Me and Purple align perfectly with our goal. 1.3 billion disabled people across the world need support from organisations and we are here to help drive positive change online for everyone." Ross Linnett, Recite Me Founder and CEO. Why support Purple Tuesday? Disable people still face barriers that stop them from doing everyday things like shopping and spending time on leisure activities. According to Purple: The spending power of disabled people and their households worldwide is currently estimated to be worth $8 trillion, increasing by 14% per annum. Only 10% of businesses have a targeted strategy for the disabled market. 75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a business because of poor accessibility or customer service. 8% of disabled people are wheelchair users, and 80% of disabled people have hidden impairments. Create change and join the Purple Tuesday movement The global Purple Tuesday movement is easy to get involved with. Participation is free, the only requirement is that your organisation must commit to making at least one change to practice each year that will enhance the disabled customer experience. Join the Purple Tuesday movement here.

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Why is Web Accessibility Important to Your Business?

01 Jun 2022 | news

The easy answer is that web accessibility is now such an important consideration that you simply cannot afford for your website not to be accessible. But, of course, there is more to it than that… Accessibility is by no means a passing fad. So if you commit to having a website for your business at all, then why not make it fully inclusive and accessible, rather than alienating groups of users and consumers? In an age where the entire world is embracing diversity and fighting for equality, the phrase ‘be kind’ seems to get bounced around on an ever-increasing basis. So we urge you to be kind to your website users and adapt to meet the needs of those who suffer from a range of disabilities including: Visual impairments Deafblindness Color blindness Dyslexia Hyperlexia Dyspraxia ADHD Speaking English as a second language Epilepsy Mobility and physical impairments Key Reasons to Ensure Your Website Is Accessible 1. Revenue: Making your website accessible to all consumers is the smart thing to do. The business case for accessibility varies based on the type of organization, but particularly in the case of commercial companies, justification is required before resources can be allocated towards it. At Recite Me, we are confident that the benefits outweigh the effort and costs, and a recent research study of Fortune 100 companies discovered that having a robust online diversion and inclusion policy is a common denominator among high-performing businesses. Plus, there is an abundance of information and statistics that rebut the argument that return on investment is too difficult to measure in order to warrant the outlay required: The total disposable income of the US working-age population with disabilities is $490 billion ( 63% of all shopping journeys start online. (Think with Google) More than 263 million Americans (80%) shop online (Statista) 25% of users leave a site that they find hard to use. (Statista) Ultimately, users will click away from inaccessible websites and spend their money elsewhere. So there is a clear case that making a business accessible online as well as in-person should lead to an increase in profits. Despite this, fewer than 10% of businesses have a targeted plan to access the disability market. 2. Improving User Experience: Making your website accessible to all consumers is the right thing to do. It is a commonly agreed principle that everyone should have access to information online. Microsoft’s application guide for developers specifically states that designing inclusive software results in improved usability and customer satisfaction, and this is something that the team at Recite Me can verify from experience. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, believes that the internet should empower all members of society by making information accessible to everyone. “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect…The Web is fundamentally designed to work for all people, whatever their hardware, software, language, location, or ability.” Sir Tim Berners-Lee Inclusivity online becomes increasingly relevant when you consider that: Approximately one in every hundred people worldwide has learning difficulties that can make accessing information online difficult. At least one billion people worldwide have a recognized disability that can make accessing information online difficult. 25% of the US population live with a disability. 20% of the U.S. population speak a language other than English at home. 3. Compliance & Legalities: Making your website accessible to all consumers is a thing you must do. Nowadays, it is expected by law that businesses and service providers do not treat disabled people less favorably. So in order to avoid lawsuits, companies are required to adhere to national and international standards and guidelines. In the USA, Web accessibility regulations are covered under various federal laws including The American Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires that companies make accommodations for disabled users with specific regard to web accessibility. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have been developed to provide a set of core principles and minimum standards to meet the needs of consumers internationally. These guidelines define how content should be made more accessible to those with disabilities, and are the premium standards that should be adopted by organizations globally. Despite the increase in accessibility guidelines and legislation in recent years, companies around the world are still failing to meet minimum requirements: In 2019, an evaluation by WebAIM concluded that 97.8% of homepages failed to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 70% of websites in the USA have critical accessibility issues, and web accessibility lawsuits hit a record number in 2019 with 11,053 cases being filed through the federal court. A particularly landmark case was the victory of Guillermo Robles, a blind man who successfully sued Dominos after he was unable to order food on the company’s website. With this in mind, it is essential that all businesses including commercial companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies are aware of the national and international guidelines that apply to them. Particular attention should be given to developing a thorough understanding of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and ensuring compliance. Ready to Embrace Accessibility? You should be! Aside from the financial, ethical, and legal advantages, there’s also a significant feel-good factor associated with inclusivity that boosts morale across an organization. Our most recent 12-month stats show that: Over 4 million people used our toolbar Over 23 million web pages were accessed Individual styling features were activated over 5.1 million times Users viewed an average of 5.74 pages per session, compared to the average website journey of just 2.8. Over 40 million pieces of online content were read aloud using our on-screen reader. Over 24 million pieces of online content were translated into another language. If you would like to book a demo of the Recite Me assistive toolbar to help you towards your inclusivity goals and optimize your business for success, please feel free to contact our team.

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Website Accessibility Legislation

Accessibility Legislation

There are national laws governing website accessibility. In the USA this falls under the ADA, in the UK it is covered in the Equality Act 2010, and in Europe there is a specific Directive on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications.

A common theme that runs through all of these is making reasonable adjustments or accommodations to enhance and promote digital inclusion. What is more reasonable than allowing each website visitor opportunities to consume the content in a way that works for them as an individual?

Give one of our experts a call to discuss your legal responsibilities and how our website accessibility software can help.

Find out more about Accessibility Legislation
Ross CEO Recite Coronavirus

Create A FREE Accessible COVID-19 Information Landing Page

To inform as many people as possible it is vital that Coronavirus information is accessible.

To ensure that this vitally important information can be understood by everyone, Recite Me will host for free an accessible and inclusive landing page for businesses to share their Coronavirus message to all staff and customers.

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