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Poundland is a UK-based discount store specialising in selling a wide range of products from household essentials to clothing and food items. Poundland Careers manages the fantastic, diverse workforce that is an integral part of what makes Poundland so successful.

From Burton-Upon-Trent in 1990 to nationwide in 2023, Poundland currently operates over 900 stores and employs over 18,500 employees. They have been recognised for being in the Top 100 companies to work for in Ireland in 2022 and one of the Best Workplaces for the LGBT+ community. 

Poundland website with the Recite Me toolbar being used on screen
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Our Brief

These achievements provide only a glimpse into the fantastic diverse and inclusive culture that Poundland foster every day. Their mission to seek and support diverse talent has continued into the digital world where Poundland understand that the entire candidate journey needs to be catered for. 

It wasn’t too long ago that RIDI reported that out of a 200-person employee survey, 75% of the job seekers with disabilities found their condition impacts their job search and 54% find hurdles at multiple stages of the recruitment process. This is a problem & Poundland’s aim was to be a positive influence on these numbers.

Our Solution

Recruitees seeking to join the Poundland team will be able to activate the RIDI award-winning* Accessibility Toolbar on the Poundland Careers website. 

Recite Me’s on-demand inclusive tools accommodate people with all disabilities with tools such as a screen reader, customisable styling options, a plethora of reading aids and an online translator equipped with 100 languages, 65 of which can be read aloud.

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Poundland careers website with the Recite Me toolbar being used onscreen

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