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Website Accessibility Widget

The Recite Me Accessibility Widget can be integrated on your website. Our Widget allows your customers to customise your website in a way that suits them.

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Widget features

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Free Quote for our Widget

Our pricing package is unique to every client based on the needs and demands of your business. Our team of accessibility experts can help to tailor a package that works best for your organisation.

Leave your details and request a quote! One of our accessibility experts will reach out with a free no-obligation pricing quote.

Give your Customers the Power to Customise their Experience

An accessibility widget provides web visitors with the ability to tailor their experience to a one that is best suited to them. This tool works across all major device types, including phone, desktop and tablet. Helping to assist consumers in a wide variety of industries, for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you be grabbing groceries online, submitting applications or reading important documents.

Additional Advantages of partnering with Recite Me

The core function of our product is to create inclusive experiences on the web. But, that’s not all it offers, see some of the additional benefits our customers receive from adopting Recite Me’s assistive technology widget.


After installation of our web accessibility widget, you’ll be able to start collecting data about its usage. The data will help highlight where the widget is being used, highlight trends and analyse outcomes. If used appropriately, this data can be invaluable to help you learn more about your customers and potential customers.

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Accessibility and inclusion is a hot topic all around the world right now. So, we don’t think you should be quiet about your commitment to becoming an accessible website. We want you to shout it at the top of your lungs. The Recite Me team will help support your marketing efforts with internal PR, social media collaboration and assistance with landing pages and content creation.


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Our Widget is Compatible with any platform

Our Widget is compatible with all the biggest and best CMS platforms. This includes the following platforms; WordPress, Wix, HTML5, Shopify, Drupal, Weebly, Google Tag Manager and Squarespace.

Installation is fast on every platform and typically takes no longer than one hour. However, our team of experts will be available to lend a helping hand if necessary. 

Accessibility Widget FAQs

An accessibility widget is a software solution that allows the core elements of a websites design to be customised by the user to enhance their individual experience. It is typically used by users who have specific disabilities that prevent access or make it difficult to access the web. Although, can also be used by users with no known disability as a means of improving their own experience.

An assistive widget can provide a multitude of amazing, functional benefits to businesses and their users around the world.

Adapting accessibility software such as the Recite Me widget can be beneficial to minimise the risk of legal troubles and accessibility non-compliance. Organisations who proactively follow accessible web standards such as WCAG can stay ahead of the game and reduce their risk of creating inaccessible web experiences for their customers.

Moreover, from a user perspective, websites that have integrated an accessibility widget allows increased usability. Individuals who may have previously not been able to access your website now can. This allows disabled users to maintain a high quality experience while on the web. While also increasing the reach of the website where the widget is integrated. As they now have access to a larger pool of potential customers, while also improving their brand reputation and image through inclusive practices.

Installing the Widget does not take longer than around one hour. But, you’ll often find it can be installed in as little as 20 minutes in many cases. The process is designed to be super simple, but if you need any further assistance, our tech experts will be at your disposal.

At Recite Me we pride our self on being one of the leading providers of accessibility software and solutions. Our products, including the widget are compatible with the latest WCAG guidelines. With over a decade of experience and expertise, we’ve analysed data and customer feedback endlessly to help craft the perfect accessible experience.

Over this time we’ve seen a lot of free accessibility widgets, which is always good to see as it shows the movement towards accessibility. However, these free versions are often plagued with errors and flaws in usability, functionality, design and overall quality.

Furthermore, our customer success team is one of the best, they’ll support you with any concerns and queries during your subscription period. They can help in a number of different areas including monthly data reports, installation, data analysis, PR and Social Media collaboration and more.

The usability of any accessibility software should be designed in a way that is simple and easy to understand. At Recite Me we’ve designed our accessible website widget to have a sleek minimalistic design, with icons that are intentionally easy to interpret. We also promote our detailed user guide which is available to everyone and our clients are free to upload it to their own website or create their own similar version.

The disabilities covered by the Recite Me Widget include those with motor difficulties, cognitive disabilities, visual impairments, neurodivergent individuals and more. The most important thing about our website accessibility widget is that it meets the latest WCAG guidelines and as such can be used by a vast and diverse collection of disabilities.