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Website Accessibility Plugin

The Recite Me Accessibility Plugin can be installed to your website, allowing your customers and visitors to customise your website in a way that works best for their individual needs.

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Plugin features

Explore Its Functionality

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Recite Me offer bespoke pricing to suit the needs of diverse organisations. Our subscriptions range from one to three years and suit all types of budgets. We offer flexibility and can help tailor a package in a way that best suits you.

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Creating Accessibility through Customisable Experiences

In a world that is growing evermore digital and online, the necessity for accessible platforms is more evident than ever before. Whether it be online shopping, browsing the web or submitting job applications, the ability for consumers to customise the experience to their own individual needs is crucial to ensuring inclusivity.

If you’re interested in learning more you can book a demo of our Accessibility Plugin today.

More Benefits

Our assistive technology plugin helps to create inclusive experiences for your websites visitors. By providing them with the necessary tools to customise content in a way that suits their individual needs best.

Collect Data & Run Reports

When the plugin is fully integrated and being used by your visitors, we’ll be able to begin collecting data and pulling reports, with the help from the Recite Me Google Analytics plugin. This invaluable insight can help you identify how, where and why the plugin is being used on your site. 

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Brand Reputation

When you’ve made such a big commitment to inclusivity and corporate social responsibility, it’s important you let your customers know this. We help enable our clients to publicise their accessibility journey and enhance their brand reputation. This includes support with internal PR, assistance with landing page creation, collaboration on social media and we provide sharable reports.


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Integrate our Plugin with any platform

Integration of the Recite Me assistive technology plugin is seamless. It’s as easy as inserting some simple javascript into your website. A typical installation time will be around one hour, with no technical experience required, our team will be on hand to quickly resolve any issues you do encounter.

The plugin will work on all of the popular CMS platforms, from WordPress to Wix, Shopify, HTML5, Squarespace, Weebly, Drupal and Google Tag Manager.

Accessibility Plugin FAQs

An accessibility plugin is a type of software that can be used to customise elements of a website. It is generally used to make content more readable and to ensure the website is easy to navigate. Some of the specific features include; keyboard navigation, screen readers, accessible fonts and more.

Businesses who decide to integrate an accessibility plugin into their website can harness a number of different benefits. 

Firstly, implementing web accessibility plugins into websites significantly contributes to creating a more inclusive user experience. These plugins cater to individuals with diverse abilities and disabilities, ensuring that a broader audience can access and interact with the content. By prioritising inclusivity, businesses can extend their reach and foster a more positive brand image and reputation, as users appreciate platforms that consider their varying needs.

Furthermore, the integration of accessibility plugins helps businesses maintain regulatory compliance with standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). By proactively addressing accessibility concerns, businesses mitigate legal risks associated with discrimination or non-compliance. 

Moreover, accessible plugins play a pivotal role in facilitating market expansion by catering to users with various abilities, cultural backgrounds, and linguistic preferences. As businesses strive to reach a global audience, the incorporation of accessibility features becomes essential. As this expands their potential reach, by accessing a pool of consumers who would have otherwise not been able to use their website without the plugin.

Installation should take no longer than one to two hours, although it can be as fast as 20 to 30 minutes in many cases. We can help assist with installation on a day of your choosing, the process is extremely fast and efficient. When installed the plugin can be used immediately.

We often see a lot of businesses installing free accessibility plugins, this is good to see so many organisations taking their first step to inclusivity. However, these free plugins often address a small percentage of the accessibility requirements. With many of them being poor in quality, usability, design and functionality.

Recite Me are market leaders in what we do, providing one of the best accessibility plugins on the market. Our plugin is fully WCAG compliant, meeting all of the necessary guidelines and requirements, allowing visitors to access and use your website seamlessly. We’ve perfectly optimised the tool with over a decade of data and analysis, with frequent changes made based on customer feedback.

Additionally, we have a dedicated customer success team to provide support through-out your subscription. Whether it be assistance during the installation process, helping you with monthly data reports and analysis from the plugin or collaboration on social media and PR opportunities. 

Accessibility software should be easy to use and that was one of our core values when designing the Recite Me accessibility plugin. The tool is easy to understand and use, with a minimalistic and simple design, featuring icons that are self-explanatory and easy to interpret. We also provide a full user guide which is available to the public and you can add your own version to your website after installation.

The Recite Me assistive plugin is up to date with the latest WCAG guidelines, which is the highest standard for accessibility. This covers the vast majority of disabilities including those with visual impairments, motor difficulties, neurodivergent individuals, cognitive disabilities and more.