Recite Me now does even more thanks to you

Our CEO and Founder Ross Linnett has some great news about how Recite Me has changed to improve the experience for users.

We are always listening and learning. It serves us well: we get some great ideas coming to us from all quarters, whether it’s our existing customers and their users, or people seeing Recite Me for the first time.

We take note, we discuss, and if we agree and think it’s an idea that will work for our customers we change and improve our products and service.

And we have some great news: this week you will see some super changes to Recite Me. We think they improve the experience for users we want to take this chance to thank our Lead Developer Rob (pictured) and his team for making them possible.


We now give you more options when it comes to picking the most accessible fonts. Visitors to your website who use Recite Me can now change the line and letter spacing to help with what is sometimes referred to as ‘crowding’.

Crowding is the interference of flanking letters on the recognition of target letters. But your users don’t need to need to worry about it now. Reading made easier.

Colour Theme

Recite Me already had a great selection of colour combinations to allow the user to customise their visit to your site. But now they can choose the exact combination that works best for them.

Visitors to your website who use Recite Me can also choose what colour they want the reading ruler to be, as well as the screen mask (more on that below).

Screen Mask

You know how handy the reading ruler is right? Now you can invert that so that you have a reading ‘envelope’ so you can concentrate on the content you want.

Also, your user can pick the colours used for the screen mask and the ruler.

User Guide

The user guide now has its own shiny new button, instead of being tucked away in the settings where it was before. This change gives visitors a quick link to help them fully understand all the tools available to them.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback to inspire these positive changes to Recite Me.

Please let us know what you think of these improvements and keep your brilliant ideas coming.

Thank you.

Ross Linnett

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