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Best Western Hotels

Best Western Great Britain is a group that is a part of Best Western International which was founded in Phoenix, America, back in 1946 and spread its wings to Britain in 1967. Now, it has more than 4,000 hotels that are all individually owned and operated, spread across more than 80 different nations.

Best Western Hotels website with Recite Me toolbar onscreen
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Our Brief

Best Western Great Britain believes establishing loyalty and trust is necessary for long-term success whilst creating the best ethical business practices. Their mission is to be the industry leader in providing exceptional customer service. 

To do this, Best Western understands that customer service starts from the very first time someone lands on their website to check out. To ensure they are fully inclusive Best Western implemented Recite Me accessibility software online.

Our Solution

The Recite Me Accessibility Toolbar enables a barrier-free browsing experience on the Best Western Hotels & Resorts website. Our award-winning inclusive web technology comes with a toolbar so you can customise your experience the way you want. 

With the inclusion of a screen reader, styling and customisation options, a series of reading aids and a translator with up to 100 languages (including 65 text-to-speech voices), Recite Me enables smooth, accessible pathways to browse the web for everyone.

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Best Western Hotel website with Recite Me toolbar onscreen
Best Western Hotel with the Recite

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