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SNG (Sovereign Network Group) Prioritise Digital Inclusivity

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SNG (formerly Sovereign Housing Association) implemented the Recite Me toolbar in 2017 and has been breaking down online digital barriers ever since. 

In October 2023, Sovereign came together with Network Homes (who were also using the Recite Me toolbar) as SNG. SNG’s purpose is to provide good, affordable homes: the foundation for a better life.

The organisation provides over 84,000 homes and invests in communities across the South of England, including London, as well as aiming to create thousands of new affordable homes every year.  

Everything the business earns is reinvested so that its customers – now and in the future – have a sustainable home in a thriving community. 

Mock-up of the Recite Me toolbar being used on the Sovereign Network Group website.

To continue to provide this exemplary service to customers, SNG has implemented the Recite Me toolbar on its new website, which will allow everyone, regardless of background and ability, to use the site as the business continues its integration.

Over 16 million people with disabilities live in the UK, and around 2.7 million of those live around London and the South East of England (the main locations of SNG homes). Which further proved the importance of becoming inclusive online.


Andrea Marchetti, Head of Customer Communications at SNG, spoke on the importance of inclusivity and why they chose Recite Me.

“Providing good, affordable homes and a great customer experience is a core part of our purpose as a housing association. We want to be sector-leading by being inclusive, so improving our digital channels to make our services and information easier to access is important.

“We know that many of our customers have a long-term condition, disability or have English as a second language – so having the right accessibility tools is vital. The Recite Me toolbar’s great range of features means people can adapt their experience to meet different needs and vulnerabilities. Making our websites more accessible means they’re better and easier to use for all our other visitors too.”

If you want to try out the tools for yourself, the Recite Me toolbar can be enabled through the ‘Accessibility Tools’ button in the top left corner of the SNG website.

Our assistive technology comes with 4 distinct features to help make the SNG website inclusive:

  • A set of reading aids
  • An integrated screen reader
  • Online translation of up to 100 languages
  • Styling and customisation options.

Andrea continued, “We’ve been able to add the toolbar to our various websites, including our customer portal, to give a consistent experience. We also get regular reports on which features are used the most, which helps us understand who’s visiting the sites – so we can improve them even more.”

If you think our toolbar would be a great fit for your online platform, our team is available if you want to book a demonstration today. We would love to welcome you on board as we look to build an inclusive online world, together.

Download Our Online Accessibility and Inclusion Toolkit

Recite Me’s Online Inclusion Toolkit has been developed to help businesses make a real difference for the lives of the millions of people around the world who encounter online barriers.

The toolkit provides practical advice covering the complete landscape of online accessibility. Download your free toolkit now to unlock the power of digital inclusion.

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