Recite Me

Recite is an innovative Cloud based web accessibility solution which allows your visitors to customise your site the way they need it to work for them. Easy to use, our software includes text to speech functionality, dyslexia software, an interactive dictionary, a translation tool with over 100 languages and many other features.

Recite Toolbar

5 reasons to choose our solution for your website:

  1. We offer an innovative Cloud based web accessibility solution. There is nothing for you to download or install. No compatibility problems, no fuss. 
  2. Recite works across all devices, whether your web visitors are in the office, at home or on the move, we’ve got your web content covered.
  3. There are 11 million disabled people in the UK alone; our web accessibility software includes dyslexia software and text to speech functionality and much more. Recite helps you open your doors to a wider internet audience. 
  4. Great customer service is at the heart of our company; our IT help-desk is there to support your web team anytime they need it.
  5. We provide monthly analytics so you know how Recite is working hard for you. 

To Learn more about the Recite Toolbar click here to view our User Guide


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Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every client; ensuring all your questions are dealt with smoothly.

Change Font Sizes & Colours

People with dyslexia can read quicker and easier if they are given the functionality to allow them to change the size and colour of the text.

Read Text Aloud & DocReader

Your web content is read out to users in a natural voice, adding an audio dimension to your website. Our DocReader means that PDF documents are also accessible.

Monthly Analysis

Our integrated statistics tools will show you which visitors are using Recite and how they are using it. We’re able to show you how Recite is working hard for you.

Dedicated IT Helpdesk Support

Our dedicated IT helpdesk is available for all our clients, Monday-Friday.  We’re there to support you with any questions and to troubleshoot if needed.

Customise background colour

With the ability to customise the background colour of your website, people with dyslexia will be able to access your content up to 25% faster than without this feature.

Translation Tools

We can translate your website content into over 100 languages, opening the door to a global audience.

Cloud Based

Our suite of tools is run from the Cloud so there is nothing for you to install or download. Product developments, updates & fixes will happen in real time.

Legal Compliance

Our software helps you anticipate the needs of all your website visitors, especially those with a learning disability such as dyslexia, a visual impairment and someone whose second language is English. 


Save Settings

Your website visitors can save their preferences and settings so that your website appears exactly as the need it every time they visit.

Full Dictionary & Thesaurus

Your website visitors have access to a fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus.

Website Integration

Recite works on every page no matter how large your website and can respond to a high volume of traffic giving each user a quality experience.