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University of London

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University of London accessible website

University of London

The University of London, ‘The Peoples University’, became a Chartered University in 1836. Established as a secular alternative to Oxford and Cambridge, the only two other English universities at the time.

In the present day, the University of London contains 18 member institutions, central academic bodies, and research institutes. The university has over 52,000 distance learning external students and 161,270 campus-based internal students (across the Federation), making it the largest university by the number of students in the United Kingdom.

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Our Brief

As the number of distance learning students increase as well as the number of students enrolling from other countries, the University of London needed to make sure that their organisation was totally inclusive and to reduce any barriers to accessing their content. As well as foreign students, the University needs to be accessible for people who may have a disability but also provide an improved experience for any visitor to the website.

To allow everyone to access course documentation and specific University information, their website needed to provide accessibility support.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

University of London added the Recite Me assistive technology toolbar to their website to offer a wider range of accessibility options to suit the needs of its students and website visitors. It was styled to fit seamlessly into their website design.

University of London users can now use the Recite Me toolbar across devices to change font type and font size, change the text colour and the background colour, and access a full dictionary, thesaurus, and translation tools, as well as reading text aloud.

This unique combination of features makes Recite Me a great accessibility tool for people with disabilities or for people who speak English as a second language.

Client Testimonial

"The University of London is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience, regardless of how our audiences and stakeholders wish to engage with us – this is just as important in an online capacity. Recite Me is an excellent way for us to be able to provide additional online tools and services for those visiting our website and increase the level of accessibility quickly and easily. In addition, we have adopted the accessibility toolbar on its intranet and jobs website to ensure that more people can access and modify the content in a way that makes it more useful and usable. These initiatives are examples of the measures we are taking to ensure that we are promoting inclusive academic practices. "

Mark Harrison, Head of Inclusion, University of London