Kent Union

Kent Union was established in 1965 and is the voice of all students who study at the University of Kent. They represent all 20,000 students to help them have the best student experience.

As a registered charity all donations are reinvested which helps fund all the services, they offer including their Advice Centre and Job Shop.

Kent Union website with Recite Me loaded onscreen
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Our Brief

As the diverse range of students increases at the University of Kent the Student Union wanted to make sure that their website was able to support everyone. This includes an increase in students enrolling from other countries.

To reduce any barriers to accessing their content online they needed to make sure that their website is accessible and usable for all.

Our Solution

To support all students regardless of their accessibility or translation needs Kent Union have added the Recite Me assistive technology toolbar to their website.

Offering a wide range of accessibility and translation options allows all students and other website visitors to customise the content in a way that works best for them. 

This allows everyone visiting their website to be able to change the website’s font type and size, change the text, links, and background colours, access a full dictionary, thesaurus, and a 100+ language translation tool, as well as read text aloud.

This unique combination of features makes Recite Me a great accessibility tool for people with disabilities or for people who speak English as a second language.

Kent Union website with Recite Me open
Kent Union Logo
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Kent Union website with Recite Me open
Kent Union website with Recite Me toolbar on screen

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