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Your Co-Op Careers Provides an Inclusive Candidate Journey

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Your Co-Op Careers, operated by the Midcounties Co-operative, has partnered with Recite Me to provide accessibility and language tools on its online platform.

When visiting yourcoopcareers.co.uk, you can now customise your digital experience by selecting ‘Accessibility Options’ in the bottom-left corner of its website. 

When opening the assistive toolbar you can access a wide range of tools such as a screen reader, styling and customisation options, reading aids and a translator (of up to 100 languages) to help you search and apply for roles, barrier-free.

Throughout its 150-year heritage, The Midcounties Co-operative has always put the community, colleagues and members at the heart of everything they do and they are continuing this by integrating assistive technology on their website for the 24% of the UK population who have a disability. 

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Reece Leel, Diversity and Inclusion Partner, at the Midcounties Co-Operative, told us, “A diverse and inclusive culture is something that we are not only trying to preserve but in fact, we aim to progress further. This is not exclusive to our working environment but also across our digital platform.

“By implementing the Recite Me toolbar across our careers website we can attract and recruit a range of candidates from all backgrounds, providing them with a range of customisable tools to apply for roles in a way that works best for them and help us to facilitate an inclusive working environment.”

Not to mention, the employment rate in the UK for those who are disabled, is around 53%. By providing online assistance through Recite Me, The Midcounties Co-operative hope that they will encourage more applicants with disabilities to apply for their positions and level the application process for all.

Your Co-op Careers joins The Very Group, Poundland Careers, KFC, A.G Barr and over 5,000 other companies across the UK, USA and Europe that are providing Recite Me technology. 

Whether you are looking to provide accessible solutions for your users or design your website to meet WCAG compliance by law, we have the solution. 

Make sure to book a demo today to start your digital accessibility journey.

Download Your Inclusive Recruitment Guide

Everyone should have the opportunity to find their dream job. Discover hidden talent and recruit from a larger talent pool by providing accessibility support. 

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