The Value of Dyslexia Skills – The Connector

A recent report, The Value of Dyslexia, published by Made by Dyslexia and EY, explores the ways in which dyslexia skills can be valuable additions to our changing world of work. The skills have been identified as Thiinking skills which are Communicating, Imagining and Visualising, and General skills which are Exploring, Connecting and Reasoning. In these short case studies, we give an overview of each skill and practical ideas on how these skills can be important factors within various career industries.

First off the rank is The Connector – does this skill reflect you or someone you know?

The Connector

A Connector’s skills include “understanding self, connecting, empathising and influencing others.”

Notable traits of a Connector include understanding others, giving full attention and taking time to understanding actions, as well as strong management and social skills. Interpersonal skills are particularly important for a majority of major career fields, with these skills expected to become even more unique as our world of work incorporates more technology into our everyday lives.

Career Opportunities for Connectors

Marketer – Ability to influence behaviour and managing emotions in other people.

Human Resources – Identifying the best people for the job.

Project Manager – Ability to motivate and delegate people as they work.

Therapist – Strong skills in empathizing with others and understanding other people’s actions.

Lawyer – Ability to negotiate, bring people together and reconcile differences.

Volunteer – Actively looking for ways to help others.

* All information sourced from The Value of Dyslexia report.

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