Include Me features that create an inclusive learning environment

Access to information is a basic right for everyone, including school pupils and young people studying in further and higher education.

Around twenty of the UK population (one in five people) have some form of disability.

Seven per cent of children are disabled and nearly ten per cent of higher education students are known to have a disability.

Nearly half of these students have a ‘specific learning disability’, which includes dyslexia.

So it’s vital that education providers like you create an inclusive learning environment for all of your pupils and students.

But, the life stories of disabled campaigners like Molly Watt show that some education providers haven’t fully considered the information access requirements of disabled people.

Nor have they fully thought through the practical solutions they need to provide inclusive learning materials for hundreds of learners.

Include Me can help your disabled pupils and students

Include Me can help you make sure your educational materials are accessible to everyone no matter what device your pupils and students are using to learn with.

Include Me is cloud-based accessibility software that was specifically designed for education.

It’s easy to use, easy to teach with and easy to maintain.

It can work on any operating system or hardware your school or university uses and it also updates automatically, so you’ll always have the most current version.

Here’s an explanation of Include Me’s features and how disabled learners can use them to access digital content like documents, apps and websites.

Phonetic Speller

Our phonetic speller identifies even the most unusual spellings, which regular spell-checkers would not recognise.

You can choose from a list of the most appropriate spelling corrections to select the correct replacement word for your document.

This feature is great because it can help children and adult learners to read and spell uncommon words. It’s particularly using for learners with dyslexia.


Include Me’s homophone checker finds words within your document that sound the same but can have different meanings.

It helps you choose the right word replacement by offering a list of suitable alternatives complete with a dictionary definition of each.

Again, this is a super-helpful feature for people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Colour Overlay

The colour overlay feature lets you create your own coloured filter from thousands of colours that can be applied to documents and web pages to make their content easier to read.

This feature is particularly helpful for learners who have a visual impairment such as full sight-loss, or for those who are colour-blind.

Other features to help learners

Other features also include the option to have text read aloud, a full English dictionary and the option to download selected text from a website or document so you can listen anytime on the go.

There’s also a reading ruler, which can help learners with dyslexia access content up to twenty five per cent faster than without this feature.

And the translation tool allows you to translate any website into over 100 languages.

Try Include Me for free

Do you want to make your school, college or university more inclusive? Book your appointment now for a demonstration of how Include Me works and a free trial for your organisation.

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