Giant Group Create a Diverse and Inclusive Online User Experience

Giant Group PLC is providing an inclusive online candidate experience with accessibility and language options on their website to support a diverse range of individuals.

For almost 30 years Giant Group has provided specialist, end-to-end workforce management software that supports large and small recruitment agencies, corporate companies and contractors, internationally. Giant invests heavily in a cloud-based software which ranges from candidate sourcing and on-boarding through to timesheet management, billing, and payroll. Their aim is to offer transparency, honesty, and support to their clients.

1 in 5 people (17.9%) in the UK are disabled and often encounter obstacles online when searching and applying for job applications. Only 51% of applications from disabled people result in an interview and this is due to online barriers that prevent access to job applications information. By using Recite Me assistive technology those who are visually impaired, neurodiverse, or who speak English as a second language can gain access to job opportunities hassle-free.

Holly Spiers, Marketing Manager at Giant commented,

The assistive toolbar on Giant Group website offers users features such as translating content into different languages, read aloud, and styling assistance. This includes adjustments to colour, font type, and size, that enable those job-hunting access to vacancy information and support.

Giant web users can customise their inclusive candidate journey online by clicking the “Accessibility and Languages” button at the top of their website.

Recite Me is quick and easy to implement on your website. Join the thousands of companies who have already adopted our inclusive software to make the digital world accessible for all. Additionally, Recite Me’s latest product that checks website accessibility is now available.

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