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Being a C-Suite executive comes with real-world expectations and accountability for creating an inclusive organisational culture that allows the business to thrive.

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Management Responsibility in Digital Accessibility and Inclusion

Having a robust diversity and inclusion policy, including considerations for digital accessibility, is a common denominator among high-performing businesses. One of senior management’s many responsibilities is ensuring their organisation stays true to those plans and policies.

Assistive technology can play a role in this by enabling increased understanding, accessibility, and inclusion of online content.

Why Should Digital Inclusion be a Priority for C-Suite Professionals?

Tap into New Markets
By becoming more inclusive to people with disabilities, people who speak English as a second language, and older customers, you can discover lucrative new opportunities.
Increased Productivity
According to research by Deloitte, diverse companies with inclusive teams enjoy 2.3 times higher cash flow per employee.
Market Leadership
By prioritising online accessibility ahead of your competitors, you have a higher chance of cutting out a niche as a market leader and gaining more customers.
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Online Accessibility Guide for C-Suite Professionals
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Download our guide to find out how to put inclusive practices into action at your organisation and how you can benefit from supporting customers and employees online.

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