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Get Into Theatre

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Get Into Theatre

Get Into Theatre is the UK’s leading theatre careers website that helps young people find all the information and opportunities they need to pursue a successful career in theatre in the UK.

This includes up-to-date theatre jobs information and advice on areas ranging from backstage to performing, training to apprenticeships.

It is produced by The Stage, and funded and supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and UK Theatre/Society of London Theatre.

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Our Brief

Get Into Theatre wants everyone to know about how to get a career in theatre no matter their background, ethnicity, impairment, condition or gender.

Before the website was created a range of people from different and diverse communities (including people with disabilities) were consulted to understand what stops young people getting into careers in theatre.

One of the key findings from the consultation was that access to information is the key to help more young people find out about opportunities to enter the industry.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

The Recite Me toolbar was added to Get Into Theatre to let anyone view and use the website in a way that is fully accessible and inclusive for them, regardless of their background or their circumstances.

Recite Me lets people change elements like the font size, the font colour and background colour contrast, as well as giving the option to have the text read out aloud, or translate it into over 100 languages.

Client Testimonial

"The Get Into Theatre website was created to help get people from diverse backgrounds into careers in theatre. It was vital to make Get Into Theatre accessible and inclusive and to demonstrate we had covered all aspects of inclusion, which is why we chose Recite Me. It gives us great confidence to know that young people can access the website to find out how pursue a successful career in theatre in the UK, no matter what their backgrounds or circumstances are. "

Ahmet Ahmet, Outreach Director, Get Into Theatre