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The leisure industry is worth billions of pounds covering everything from food and drink to museums and retail. To be totally inclusive B2C organisations need to be accessible online.

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Leisure and Entertainment Organisations Must Provide Customers with Support Online

Approximately one billion people globally have a disability and they can often face access barriers when visiting websites. The online spending power of people with access needs in the UK is £24.8 billion

Less than 10% of businesses have a targeted plan to access this disability market. Making leisure and entertainment websites accessible allows customers to book their visit online and find out information about the venue before visiting.

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Leisure and Entertainment Organisations Leading the Way with Online Accessibility

Why you Should Provide Online Support in the Leisure and Entertainment Sector

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Increased Revenue

1 in 5 people encounter access barriers online, so an accessible website can make a huge difference. People could be joining other gyms, clubs, and societies over yours because the information on their websites is easier to read.

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Overcome Language Barriers

On-page translation and text-to-speech options make websites accessible for tourists who don’t speak or read in English as a first language.

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Enhanced Brand Image

Welcoming people with varied disabilities and access needs promotes your commitment to inclusion and sets you apart from the competition.

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"We are also currently expanding this area to provide more information and support to help residents through the customer journey, from pre-works installation to post-work maintenance. Overall, Recite Me has proved to be a great accessibility solution for us and we’d happily recommend it."

Ahmet Ahmet
Outreach Director
Get Into Theatre

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