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Recruitment: Online Accessibility as an ROI

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So, I’ve been taking a lot of time speaking to and engaging with recruitment agencies over the past few weeks. Discussing Recite Me and online accessibility in general. I wanted to deliver some of the key points raised during those discussions, points that really resonated with MD’s of recruitment agencies…

Growing candidate talent pools

In many key recruitment sectors; Consultants will be tackling a real and ongoing issue of searching with a limited or restricted talent pool. Both existing database candidates and when attracting new.

Opening up the website to a broader candidate audience by providing the relevant online support to those with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, a visual impairment or language barrier. This would inevitably diversify candidate engagement and potentially the number of candidates available within the various sectors.

Clients engaging in diversity & inclusion

We work with some amazing organisations from an internal recruitment perspective. Keen to really deliver on diversity and inclusion, these organisations employ individuals to manage diversity and inclusion. They make it an everyday goal to make the working environment as accessible and as inclusive as possible.

Offering our level of technology would illustrate to clients that you as an agency are striving to be an extension of their process and employee experience. Candidates having access to assistive technology from the initial engagement with an agency, through to the internal online process with the client.

Sending the right message or Brand Perception

I can’t comment on the specific brand message of every recruitment agency. I can only really draw upon my own experiences with agencies. However, I can only imagine that sending the right message to clients and candidates is a huge part of any brand, whether we are talking recruitment or any other industry.

Sending that key message that the agency welcomes applications from all levels of candidates, in all sectors. That the experience will be the same, and that the resources are in place to support their application. Whether they have a disability, impairment or simply don’t speak/read English as well as they’d like.

Investing in online assistive technology for the commercial site sends out a real message that you strive for a fully supportive, ethical and diverse approach to recruitment.


We could be talking about any industry and sector. The age we live in almost demands that we work in a very equal and included world. Recite me supports the idea that digital content should be available to a more diverse audience and should include more people. Contributing to equality in a competitive digital recruitment world.

Creating an edge

In an increasingly competitive era for recruitment. I believe it’s becoming difficult to really separate from other brands.

Following considerable research into many recruitment sites across the UK, this is a very quick win in terms of creating an edge. Accessibility is very rarely mentioned at all. When you consider all the job postings, all the recruitment consultants, all the candidates and clients involved. How can there possibly be next to no reference to providing accessibility measures??? Interesting thought to finish on…

Keith Moutter,
Sales Executive, Recite Me

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