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Norwich City FC Support Fans Online with Assistive Technology

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Norwich City FC player smiling and running across pitch

Norwich City FC took on the Recite Me toolbar in 2021 to continue to provide an inclusive and safe environment where all football fans have the opportunity to follow the sport regardless of disabilities, age or language. 

Since taking on Recite Me, Norwich City FC has seen an influx in website visitors using the range of assistive tools available. This includes screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids, customisable styling tools and an on-demand live translation tool. 

In 2023, the Recite Me toolbar was launched over 18,000 times on the Norwich City FC website to help sports fans read and understand over 68,000 pages of content in a way that best suits their individual needs.

Mock up of the Recite Me toolbar being used on the Norwich FC website

With fans from all around the world, Norwich City FC has various ‘Global Canaries Supporter Groups’ dedicated to its loyal supporters from countries such as Germany, Finland, Brazil, and many more. 

In the last year, the Recite Me translation tool was clicked 88,000 times to translate content. Over 35,000 clicks were made to change the language to German and 5,200 clicks to Finnish. 


Gavin Beard, Head of Marketing at Norwich City Football Club told us,

“We take our responsibility to be diverse and inclusive very seriously. With fans from across the globe, we wanted to provide the Recite Me assistive toolbar on our website to break down language and digital barriers for many individuals.”

Lots of people need digital accessibility adjustments. Whether it’s a temporary need due to an accident or injury, a long-term requirement caused by a lifelong condition, or simply English is not your first language, many individuals struggle to access information on the internet the same way as others. 

Over 5,000 websites currently use Recite Me assistive technology, this includes Lord’s Cricket Ground, Watford Football Club and Trent Bridge. 

For more information on Recite Me technology, contact a member of our team or book a free demonstration today. 

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