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Human Resources

Effective HR professionals purposefully focus on creating an inclusive environment so they can attract, recruit, develop, and retain the best talent for their teams.

The Role of HR Teams in Creating a Digitally Inclusive Workplace

Today’s workforce is the most diverse it’s ever been due to a combination of diversity, equity, and inclusion developments and the increased tendency towards remote working.

It is down to HR teams to ensure that workers have access to websites, intranets, and documents from both inside and outside of the office. Assistive technology can break down digital barriers and help to create an inclusive work environment by giving everyone an equal opportunity to understand information online.

Why Should Digital Inclusion be a Priority for HR Teams?

Create Equal Opportunities
Providing an inclusive online experience creates a level playing field to enable everyone to express their talents.
Improved Innovation
A diverse team offer a wider perspective which can lead to improved innovation and new ideas.
Reduced Staff Turnover Rates
Organisations who lead in diversity and inclusion report higher rates of employee retention and satisfaction.
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Online Accessibility Guide for HR Teams
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Download our guide to find out why HR roles are paramount to support diversity and inclusion, the types of online barriers employees and applicants face, and how you can help to create an inclusive online experience.

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