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Vercida helps employers attract candidates from diverse backgrounds in a proactive way through positive action, while clearly showcasing their employer value proposition. The platform also offers jobseekers all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether an employer is the right fit for them.

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Our Brief launched in 2017 and digital inclusion is a core part of its overall strategy. Web accessibility, which is enshrined in law by the Equality Act 2010, was a key priority when the new platform was being developed. So as well as designing the site using inclusive design, VERCIDA wanted to add the Recite Me accessibility software to do everything possible to ensure the site is accessible to the widest possible audience.

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Our Solution is highly accessible and people with disabilities can easily access the site thanks to a comprehensive 60 hour web accessibility audit by the Shaw Trust. As part of the site’s accessibility features, we added the Recite Me accessibility and language toolbar to the VERCIDA website, which lets visitors customise the entire website according to their varying accessibility and language needs. Recite Me caters for people with different disabilities (sight loss, mobility, cognitive impairment) in a variety of ways that let them access the website in the format that works best for them. It also translates content into more than 100 languages.

Client Testimonial

"Diversity in the jobs market is extremely competitive and has gathered immense pace. We launched VERCIDA to help employers create more diverse and inclusive workforces and to help jobseekers make the correct decision about whether an employer is the right fit for them. And of course, to appeal to jobseekers from diverse backgrounds we had to make sure that the site is fully accessible and inclusive, so digital inclusion is vital for VERCIDA’s website. We were keen to add Recite Me to the site to help make it accessible to the widest possible audience. Whether it’s a jobseeker who doesn’t speak English as their first language, or jobseekers who have a variety of disabilities, they can now access the site in the way that works best for them. "

Morgan Lobb, CEO of VERCIDA.