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Investigo Recruitment

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Investigo Recruitment

Investigo is a global recruitment firm with offices in the UK and one in New York, recruiting across a number of different sectors that includes accountancy, finance, procurement, technology, and many more. Recruitment websites are notoriously difficult to navigate, however, Investigo has been taking active measures to improve its accessibility and reduce candidates’ barriers of entry within the job market.

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Our Brief

Investigo is already recognised as a Disability Confident employer, an employment scheme set up by the government to promote disabled recruitment and help employers recognise the skills and talent that disabled employees have. As a recruitment firm and also a business, Investigo’s goals were twofold: from an internal perspective for bringing talent to work for Investigo, but also on an external basis on how Investigo can support their clients with regards to accessibility as well. A crucial part of this was having a website that provided suitable accessible content.

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Our Solution

Thanks to Recite Me, the Investigo team managed to forego a timely and expensive website overhaul by implementing Recite Me onto their existing website. Now, when candidates visit Investigo’s website, they can choose whether or not to enable the accessible version of the website. Simple changes such as font and colour adjustments can make the world of difference in making job-searching a little less stressful for someone with a disability.

Client Testimonial

"One day we didn’t have [Recite Me], the next day we did. It was that simple. The actual implementation process was really easy. It was just amazing! As soon as we saw it, we were immediately impressed at how it could take any website and make it more accessible. "

Lisa Holberton, Head of Marketing at Investigo Recruitment