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HFE Training

HFE is a health, fitness and education training provider to the active leisure sector that specialises in qualifications designed to prepare learners for a career as an exercise professional. Their qualifications, which are delivered in both a blended and online format, include fitness instructor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, and many more.

Certificating over 3,000 learners every year, HFE are certainly leading the way in the provision of fitness industry education and qualifications.

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Our Brief

The team at HFE was very keen to find a solution that would plug directly into their existing online learning and assessment content, providing all learners, but especially those with additional learning needs and difficulties, with a solution to make the content more accessible. While all of the Recite Me features were attractive to HFE, those that the team was especially keen about implementing were the screen reader and the styling functionality, allowing learners to customise the online content to their specific needs.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

Recite Me have supplied HFE with the Recite Me accessibility and translation tool, allowing learners with additional learning needs, or who don’t speak English as their first language, with a more effective way of engaging with HFE’s online content. Currently, around 7% of HFE’s learners are ESOL students, so the Recite Me translation tool that has over 100 languages will be of great value to these students.

HFE was keen to use the accessibility toolbar for their online exams also, but needed to ensure that the dictionary and downloadable audio features were disabled, so that students couldn’t gain an unfair advantage in their exam, or take questions from live exams away from the online environment in an audio format. We disabled these features and supplied HFE with a custom version of the accessibility tool.

Client Testimonial

"We launched the Recite Me accessibility toolbar alongside our online personal training courses. The impact has been incredible and we’re getting daily feedback from students telling us how much easier and more enjoyable their learning is as a result of this solution. It’s lovely to hear. "

Lee Cain, Managing Director