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Technology organisations and digital agencies should go beyond compliance and offer their clients assistive technology. Providing tools to support people with disabilities is not only the right thing to do but it is the smart thing to do.

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Technology Organisations Must Provide Support Online to Ensure Everyone has Access to Information

There is a general expectation that buying insurance or legal cover can be done in seconds within just a few clicks. But for those who face online access barriers, it’s not that straightforward.

It’s incredibly difficult for these customers to feel that they’re in control and getting the best advice and deals because it’s so much harder to access and absorb information when they are researching their options. Providing assistive technology will make it easier for users to access finance and law information online.

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Technology Organisations Leading the Way for Online Inclusion

Why you Should Provide Online Support in the Technology Sector

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Increased Revenue

1 in every 5 people has a physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or neurological disability. So if your website isn’t accessible, you’re missing out on 20% of the market share.

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Employer of Choice

Being inclusive sets you apart as an employer of choice. Higher staff satisfaction scores and reduced turnover rates will increase the pool of candidates who want to interview, work, and stay with you.

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Welcoming people with varied disabilities and access needs promotes your commitment to inclusion and sets you apart from the competition.

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"Across the internet there is little information available in accessible formats, and the communication needs of people with disabilities are left unmet. We want to provide accessibility to everyone and make sure everyone gets the most out of our website when they visit.

With the implementation of Recite Me on our website we can reach a diverse range of people who can read and understand the information easily and inclusively on our website."

Rachel Collins
Head of Inclusion and Diversity

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Check out our blog for more information about who needs support online, how a website build impacts accessibility, why you should provide customers with a choice on how they view a website and our top 5 takeaways for digital agencies.

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