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Having a roof over your head and a safe living environment is one of the most basic human necessities.

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Users Face Barriers Accessing Housing Information Online

According to the National Housing Federation, the number of people in need of social housing hit 3.8 million in 2020. That equates to 1.6m households.

There are many fantastic housing associations and council initiatives that support citizens and provide solutions to people in vulnerable situations. But often, information about housing services is only available online. That’s why information on housing websites must be accessible to all.

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Housing Organisations Leading the Way with Online Accessibility

Why you Should Provide Equal Access to Online Information on Housing Websites

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Support the Vulnerable

Everyone deserves to have a roof over their head and live in a home that is in good repair. But when websites are not inclusive, vulnerable citizens cannot access the information they need.

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Overcome Language Barriers

On-page translation and text-to-speech options make websites accessible for applicants who don’t speak or read English as a first language.

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Promote Economic Growth

When tenants can live within their means, they boost the local economy by spending money on healthcare, education, transport, and other products and services in the local area.

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"Recite Me addresses so many options from one source and can only aid the overall customer experience. It’s easy to use from a customer perspective and gives a whole range of accessibility and language options from the click of a button. We’ve used Recite Me now for four years and it’s so simple to include in any website – just a bit of additional coding. Recite Me was recommended to me by a web developer back in 2015 and we’ve never looked back!"

Jill Ancrum
Communications Manager
Believe Housing

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Find out who needs help accessing information about housing, how housing associations can help users access online information, case studies on organisations we already work with, and toolbar usage data from our housing clients.

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