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Emergency Services

Emergency services including ambulance, fire, and police need to be totally inclusive to support everyone.

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Users Face Digital Barriers on Emergency Services Websites

Most of us take access to emergency services for granted, but it’s not that simple for those who struggle with traditional methods of communication or face online barriers.

In a study, 71% of people said that they left a website they found hard to use. For emergency services this cannot be the case, vital safety information could mean the difference between life and death. Making emergency services websites accessible is an excellent way to support the vulnerable to access vital information online

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Emergency Service Organisations Leading the Way with Online Accessibility

Why you Should Provide Online Support in the Emergency Services Sector

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Support the Vulnerable

Those who are vulnerable may end up in a dangerous situation during an emergency if they cannot access the information they need.

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Employer of Choice

Being inclusive sets you apart as an employer of choice. Higher staff satisfaction scores and reduced turnover rates will increase the pool of candidates who want to interview, work, and stay with you.

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Enhanced User Experience

Assistive technology allows users to overcome barriers, allowing them to digest online content in a way that works for them.

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North East Ambulance Service

"We considered a number of products and found ReciteMe to be the easiest to access and navigate and have the most comprehensive range of support. It provides an easy access tool from a button on our webpage, it provides us with access to a range of options to support people with communication needs without the need to download additional software. Feedback from the patients and the community has been very positive and it has helped us to achieve our vision to provide unmatched quality of care, every time we touch lives."

Mark Johns
Engagement Manager
North East Ambulance Service

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Read our Guide on Emergency Services and Web Accessibility

Find out the organisations we already work with in the emergency services sector (local and national), how Recite Me assistive technology can help website visitors and read some of the feedback we have received from our clients in the emergency services sector.

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