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To provide students with the skills, training and knowledge they need to succeed, education providers must ensure that information is accessible to all, rather than available to all.

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Students Encounter Digital Barriers when Learning Online

Some students are disadvantaged in an online environment because information on websites is not as easy to digest as it would be in a normal classroom or lecture hall environment.

It is not as straightforward as simply converting materials, lectures, and workshop plans into a digital structure. Different learning styles and different abilities must be accounted for. To support the 330,000 higher education students who identify as having a disability, online education must take into account different learning styles.

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Education Organisations Leading the Way for Inclusion

Why you Should Provide Online Support for Students

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Equal Opportunities

Not everyone learns the same way. Digital materials must account for varying learning styles and abilities, and be inclusive of everyone.

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Additional Income

By welcoming and supporting international students with linguistic support, colleges and universities stand to gain more in tuition fees and government funding.

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Diversity and Culture

Being able to support overseer learners means you can attract the best students, develop a diverse and inclusive campus, and enrich the learning environment for everyone.

University of London with the Recite Me toolbar launched

University of London

"The University of London is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience, regardless of how our audiences and stakeholders wish to engage with us – this is just as important in an online capacity. Recite Me is an excellent way for us to be able to provide additional online tools and services for those visiting our website and increase the level of accessibility quickly and easily. In addition, we have adopted the accessibility toolbar on its intranet and jobs website to ensure that more people can access and modify the content in a way that makes it more useful and usable. These initiatives are examples of the measures we are taking to ensure that we are promoting inclusive academic practices."

Mark Harrison
Head of Inclusion
University of London

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