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Nottingham Building Society Implement Recite Me

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We are delighted to share that the Recite Me toolbar is now live on the www.thenottingham.com website so all their visitors can view website information, barrier-free.

Nottingham Building Society (NBS) has been providing financial services across the East Midlands and beyond for 175 years, helping customers buy their own homes, set up savings accounts and financially plan for the future.

With the implementation of Recite Me, you can navigate to the “Accessibility Tools” button and enable the Recite Me software to help you read, interpret and interact with the Nottingham Building Society’s online resources.

The addition of Recite Me not only addresses the ongoing commitment by NBS to make their website accessible to all members but, also creates an online environment where 17% of England and Wales who are disabled can thrive.

Mock-up of the Recite Me toolbar being used on the Nottingham Building Society website

Not to mention, despite the cost of living crisis easing come the new year, there are still 12.8 million UK adults behind on their bills or are finding repayments a heavy burden. The addition of any online accessibility tool could assist those who are struggling, massively.

Recite Me feels privileged to help NBS be a positive influence on this figure.


Charlotte Symonds, Head of Customer at Nottingham Building Society commented, 

“Here at Nottingham Building Society accessibility is extremely important to us and a core focus of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda. We are committed to ensuring all customers can access information and services in a way that best meets their individual needs.”

“Diversity and Inclusion are at the forefront of our ESG plans in 2024, so we are incredibly proud to be able to provide Recite Me’s innovative assistive technology across our website.”

Nottingham Building Society joins a wealth of financial service providers such as Newbury Building Society and Newcastle Building Society in being accessible online. With the toolbar, they can provide various features on their web platform. Including an online screen reader, styling and customisation options, reading aids and an online translator with up to 100 languages.

If you feel like it’s time to start your accessibility journey, discover more on our toolbar page or book a demo today.

Start Your Digital Inclusion Journey

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