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Accessibility to Me Resources

23 Sep 2021 | download

Our 'What Does Accessibility Mean To Me?' awareness week will run from the 18th to 22nd of October. This is a time for us to come together and to get everyone talking and learning about accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Our resource packs will help you engage, educate, and communicate the importance of accessibility for all. Each pack includes: An awareness brief Blog articles Social media posts and graphics Staff questions Email templates Logos

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Education Report

17 Sep 2021 | download

Distance and remote learning have always been popular. However, in the ever-changing landscape of 2020 and 2021, many education institutions that offer regular attendance programmes have found themselves scrambling to switch to online and remote learning formats. But it’s not as straightforward as simply converting materials, lectures, and workshop plans into a digital structure. It is important to consider that not everyone learns in the same way. Different learning styles and different abilities must be accounted for, so digital materials must be inclusive of everyone, not just available to everyone. Download our Education Report which looks at why digital barriers are a problem for students, why you should provide support online, Recite Me education clients and an overview of our data from the past year.

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Making PDFs Accessible

26 Aug 2021 | download

What many people don’t know is that PDFs can be inaccessible to disabled people, particularly those with a visual impairment or a learning disability such as dyslexia. If a PDF is not designed in the right way, someone using a screenreading device or the voiceover command might not be able to access the content. Download our guide to find out our top 10 tips for making PDFs accessible and how the Recite Me PDF reader can help.

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How can utility providers support customers online?

25 Aug 2021 | download

Every home needs access to gas, water and electricity. Yet, utility services are not always readily available to all. Throughout the last year, many customers have been homebound due to COVID-19 restrictions and unable to access services and information easily online. We have written a helpful document explaining how utility providers can help customers who face online barriers. Download it now.

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Recruitment and Careers Report

22 Jun 2021 | download

Modern recruitment processes rely so heavily on digital technology. 14.1 million people in the UK have a disability and often encounter obstacles online when applying for jobs. Only one in three job seekers think employers and recruiters make online job applications suitably accessible for disabled people. Download our Recruitment and Careers Report which looks at why digital barriers are a problem, who needs support, the importance of inclusive recruitment, Recite Me careers clients and an overview of our data from the past year.

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Guide to Accessible Online Recruitment

21 May 2021 | download

A recent study found that the disability employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people was nearly 30 per cent in 2020. Why? Because modern recruitment processes rely so heavily on digital technology, many applicants cannot access the information, let alone complete the required online application forms and skills assessments. Download our Guide to Accessible Online Recruitment that we have written in partnership with Guidant Global. This guide will look at online access barriers, who needs support, the barriers that candidates face, why you should be inclusive and tips to provide an inclusive candidate journey.

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Guide to UK public sector website and app accessibility laws

28 Jan 2020 | download

A recent study found that only 60% of UK local authority websites’ home pages are accessible to people with disabilities. The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 are set to change this. This guide will give you a summary of the regulations, plus information about what you need to do to comply and how Recite Me can help you.

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2020 Accessibility Trends

11 Jan 2020 | download

Download the Recite Me 2020 Accessibility Trends Report to discover the finding of how assistive technology has support people in 2020 online.

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Guide to Digital Inclusion for Recruiters

22 Aug 2019 | download

This guide will help you to identify the digital barriers for disabled jobseekers in your recruitment process and give you the knowledge to make it more accessible.

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Accessible Fonts Guide

23 Jul 2019 | download

Your choice of font can have a positive or negative impact on the person reading your printed and digital communications. Some fonts are easier to read than others and if chosen well, the right font can really help you get the message across.

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