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Your Homes Newcastle

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Your Homes Newcastle

Your Homes Newcastle is an arms-length management organisation for Newcastle City Council, which manages 28,000 council homes as well as a further 3,000 leasehold properties bought under the ‘right to buy’ scheme. Its approach ensures that its homes and estates are nice places to live – its houses are safe and modern, and meet the modern homes standards. It promotes community living buy disrupting and preventing anti-social behaviour.

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Our Brief

Your Homes Newcastle has a joint digital strategy with Newcastle City Council. The digital strategy sets out the vision for making digital communications the most natural way of communicating with clients and service users. Whilst it began implementing the joint digital strategy, Your Homes Newcastle knew that it needed to address how it communicates with disabled people and those with English as an additional language when it recently redeveloped its website.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

Your Homes Newcastle turned to Recite Me for a solution to make its website accessible for everyone. The Recite Me custom tool bar was added to the new website, which means anyone who visits the site can quickly and easily adapt it to the way they need it to work for them. Recite Me also lets people translate the website’s content into over 100 languages.

Client Testimonial

"We liked the broad range of product features that Recite Me offer and we felt it was our duty to go the extra mile and offer a full range of communications options to our customers. We asked our staff and customers to feedback on the communications barriers they experience with our website, and the biggest barrier by far was language. This is what particularly attracted us to Recite Me, the onscreen translation coupled with the text to speech function. All of our frontline staff have demonstrated Recite me with our customers and it has been universally well-received. As an organisation, the Recite Me access and language software will help us to deliver our digital vision. It will make our online offer easy to use and we are confident that we won’t be excluding any customers from our digital communications. "

Paul Neil, Digital Services Project Team, Your Homes Newcastle