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Luton Community Housing

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Luton Community Housing

Luton Community Housing Ltd (LCH) is a growing not-for-profit housing association that provides homes for people in the community. Tenants are culturally diverse and increasingly have English as an additional language. Luton Community Housing empowers tenants to take control of the management of their homes and participate in the development of their communities so that they can help improve their environment and their quality of life. Working in partnership with many other local agencies, LCH also offers additional help and support to its tenants on financial, employment/training and personal issues.

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Our Brief

We were asked to ensure that each page of the website meets the latest accessibility and diversity legislation to support its community. Luton Community Housing asked us to ensure that the full suite of language translation and accessibility features were available to tenants to give them peace of mind.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

We added a clear statement and logo highlighting the Recite Me Translation and accessibility software. When users click on the link, they can enable the toolbar and customise the entire website according to their individual accessibility and language needs.

Client Testimonial

"With a growing diversity of tenants, it is vital that Luton Community Housing provides important information on housing, government funding or local grants, education, training and community information in a clear accessible way. Having the Recite Me accessibility software on this website ensures that we continue to meet, and even exceed, our ongoing commitment on diversity and inclusion. More and more tenants visit/access our website using mobile devices or smartphones, so this cloud based app works for them whether they are at their home or elsewhere. "

Lynda Rees, Chief Executive