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Healthwatch Cheshire CIC

Client Case Study
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Healthwatch Cheshire CIC

Healthwatch Cheshire West is the local independent consumer champion for Health and Social Care services in Cheshire West and Chester. They Engage directly with a wide range of people in the community to gain the richness of people’s views and stories. Having conversations with people makes them better understand issues that are affecting people regarding health and care, and how they can support them by signposting them to services, organisations, or groups that can help.

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Our Brief

To be able to boarden the lines of communication for Healthwatch Cheshire West staff and volunteers to support people they wanted to improve their online presence and offering. Their Feedback centre is the central hub for all health and care issues to be reported and documented. This online featured needs to be accessible to able everyone to express their experiences.

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Our Solution

To be able to offer a fully inclusive platform to enable people to share their health and care experiences online Healthwatch Cheshire West now offers accessibility and translation support through Recite Me assistive technology.

The diverse population of Cheshire will now be able to customise their website in a way that works best for them. This includes styling options, reading aids, screen reader and translation function with over 100 languages.

Client Testimonial

"As the independent consumer champion for health and care across Cheshire, Healthwatch Cheshire West and Healthwatch Cheshire East have found Recite Me to be an important feature added to our websites. It has made it easier for more people with different accessibility and translation needs to tell us about their health and care experiences online using our Feedback Centre, which means that we can continue to share the issues that matter to the diverse population of Cheshire with health and care commissioners and providers. "

George Gibson, Communications and Research Officer, Healthwatch Cheshire CIC