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Client Case Study


EqualEngineers was founded by Dr Mark McBride-Wright with the aim of making the UK’s engineering and technology sectors more diverse and inclusive of all people.

As traditionally white, middle class, male-dominated sectors, EqualEngineers believe that the inclusion of under-represented groups not only brings benefits for businesses but dramatically improves health, safety, and wellbeing for its employees.

The organisation works alongside the sectors to achieve this through training, recruitment, media campaigns, and events.

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Our Brief

EqualEngineers wanted to ensure that their website was accessible for disabled people to access all the useful information as well as the opportunities and events available.

A key offering is their careers fairs and online jobs board, which are specifically aimed at marketing to and attracting a diverse range of candidates. It was essential that this was fully accessible for people with different needs, so they were able to search and apply for jobs – thus creating much more diversity and inclusivity in the sectors.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

To ensure that visitors could interact with the websites in a deeper way in conjunction with their accessibility requirements, EqualEngineers implemented Recite Me assistive technology to their website and online jobs portal. This allows visitors to customise their experience of the websites and the information available with one click – opening up a simple-to-use toolbar with a range of features and options.

The toolbar enables the user to fully customise how they would like to access the site, including screen reader options as well as visual aids such as changing the font size, text and colour.

To support reading, the toolbar provides features such as using a ruler to highlight different sections of text as you read, a magnifier, screen mask, margins and a dictionary.

For those whose first language is not English, it also provides real-time translation to translate the content into over 100 different languages, including 35 text to speech voices.

Client Testimonial

"We need to increase digital accessibility to as many people as possible and Recite Me provides a way to achieve this. We wanted a one-stop option for ensuring our website is accessible to as many people as possible, a web accessibility solution that would quickly and efficiently integrate with the platform our website is built on. We’ve found exactly what we need with Recite Me, and now, when engineers and professionals in the sector visit EqualEngineers’ website, they can choose whichever accessibility options they may need. "

Mark McBride-Wright, Founder, EqualEngineers