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Professional Services

A wide range of professional services from legal organisations to advisory consultancy and estate agents, need to be accessible online to support customers.


Utilise Assistive Technology to Help People Find the Professional Support They Need

Approximately 20% of people in the UK sit in the disability market, the sheer size of this market demonstrates why it is vital that website content is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

70% of online consumers will click away from websites that they find difficult to use. People searching for professional support need to be able to access your helpful information in a way that works for them.

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Why Professional Services Organisations Need to Provide Support Online

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Increased Revenue

1 in 5 people encounter access barriers online, so an accessible website can make a huge difference. People could be turning to competitors because the information on their websites is easier to read.

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Welcoming people with varied disabilities and access needs promotes your commitment to inclusion and sets you apart from the competition.

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Employer of Choice

Being inclusive sets you apart as an employer of choice. Higher staff satisfaction scores and reduced turnover rates will increase the pool of candidates who want to interview, work, and stay with you.

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GMB Union

“GMB is committed to making every workplace we organise as accessible and inclusive as possible – having the Recite Me website accessibility toolbar for members to access the information they need has brought us closer to our goal and ensured we are led by best practice.

Vital Features such as being able to easily have documents read aloud or translated into a whole range of languages have been described by our members as ‘a game changer’ in terms of accessibility and inclusion."

Nell Andrew
National Equality and Inclusion Officer
GMB Union

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Find out some of the legislation that affects labour unions, how web accessibility fits in and what GMB, the first workers union to adopt our accessibility software, is doing to help.

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