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Utilising Assistive Technology for Translation in the Social Care Sector

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Quality Compliance Systems (QCS) implemented the Recite Me assistive toolbar in 2018 and has been breaking down digital barriers ever since. 

QCS is a digital provider for social care organisations that takes the pain out of compliance, audits and dementia care, so organisations can focus on what matters most, delivering quality care. 

The QCS Compliance Centre is the platform that features the Recite Me toolbar, which helps customers navigate through their services and resources with the option to utilise a range of assistive tools including screen reading functionality, multiple reading aids and styling features, and an on-demand live translation tool. 

With a dedication to diversity and inclusion, QCS needed to ensure that everyone could use its digital platform regardless of a person’s ability or background. Lindsay Rees, Head of Social Care Content at QCS spoke about the importance of inclusion in the social care sector, saying: 

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“In the social care sector, many staff do not have English as their first language, so being able to translate the polices into over 100 languages, and have them read aloud in over 30 languages, is important in helping carers understand how to deliver safe and compliant care.”

In 2023, the Recite Me toolbar saw over 26,000 launches on the QCS Compliance Centre, this helped their customers to read and understand over 327,000 pages of content in a way that best suits their individual needs. 

The translation tool alone was clicked over 622,000 times, with the top translated languages being Bulgarian, Polish and Punjabi. 

Lindsay continued, “Many customers appreciate the power of the Recite Me toolbar. For example, one of our customers loved Recite Me so much that they demonstrated it to the regulator as evidence of how they met the accessible information standards.” 

“It is critical that people can read and understand the policies and procedures which underpin the care they provide. An example of this would be medication management or fire safety, where failure to follow best practices could cause significant harm. The ability to have the content read in the native language of a staff member, in a format more suitable for their needs, supports people to gain a deeper understanding of the policy and be empowered to provide the best care possible.”

If you are interested in the QCS system, make sure to visit their website here. If QCS has inspired you as much as they have us, you can start your inclusive journey by contacting us or booking a demo with the team today.

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