Believing in Accessibility for All
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Sefton Council support diverse population online

To enable all residents to access important information on the Sefton Council website they now offer accessibility and language support.

At this time when it is vital that everybody is aware of the messages regarding COVID-19. Sefton Council is promoting the ability of Recite Me to help its’s diverse population who require additional support when visiting their website.

By turning on the Recite Me accessibility toolbar, people visiting the Council’s website can use the support service to read website pages out loud in different voices and languages, customise the styling of the website including fonts and colours, and use reading aids such as a ruler and screen mask.

”I have Autism and Dyslexia and found that when using the Council’s website, I can change
the font to Dyslexia font and add a ruler to keep my place, which really helps me to
understand the information I need to stay independent. I am happy that the
Council use Recite Me as it is very helpful and very interesting.“

Maria a Sefton Resident

Meeting the needs of their residents is a priority to the council to reach those with a wide variety of communication needs and to ensure they are totally inclusive and accessible.

Sefton Council spokesperson commented, “Recite Me has helped us to meet this vital requirement, offering a range of features supporting a wide range of communication needs, including for those people with learning disabilities, those with a hearing or visual impairment, and those for who English is not their first language.

“This feature has been crucial during the COVID-19 situation; where clear communication and accessible information has been an important element in stopping the spread of the virus within our communities and keeping our population healthy. In some cases, those residents who benefit most from the Recite Me features are those same people for whom shielding and public health messages have the highest importance.

"Communicating with them on issues such as mental health support, alterations to delivery of support services and public health guidance is extremely important and Recite Me ensures that all our information can be delivered in a format that suits the needs of our residents.”