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Recite Me Announced as RIDI ‘Inclusive Technology’ Category Sponsor

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Recite Me is proud to celebrate the very best of disability confident recruitment as an official sponsor of the 2023 RIDI Awards.

Who is RIDI and what are the RIDI Awards?

The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) is a nationally known voluntary group with one goal: to break down recruitment barriers faced by millions of disabled people. RIDI works in partnership with businesses to provide practical, proactive advice so they can build disability confidence into recruitment and employment strategies.

The RIDI Awards are an annual event that celebrate excellence in diversity and inclusion within the recruitment industry. The awards recognise and reward organisations and individuals who are making significant strides in breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive world for disabled talent.

Recite Me is Proud to Sponsor the ‘Inclusive Technology’ Category

As last year’s winner of the ‘Inclusive Technology’ award we are honoured to be sponsoring the category in 2023.

This award celebrates firms that are embracing inclusive technology as part of the recruitment process. With so many recruitment journey’s taking place online the accessibility of digital products, services, and platforms is a critical factor in disability inclusion. 

For this award, RIDI is searching for digital accessibility and inclusion champions in recruiting, and those who use technology to provide a level playing field for disabled applicants.

The Awards Ceremony takes place in London on the 7th of December, we are looking forward to attending and meeting all of the incredible nominees and other sponsors. The ceremony will also be streamed online so everyone can join in the celebrations, register your place here.

badge certifying Recite Me as an Inclusive Technology category sponsor of the RIDI awards

quote“Each year we are supported by leading sponsors and stand out judges who join us in setting the bar when it comes to what we should expect in recruitment of disabled people in the workplace. Ensuring that employers attract and empower the wealth of disabled talent the UK has to offer is pivotal to our success and tech has a large part to play for individuals and organisations alike. We are delighted to be supported by Recite Me this year as sponsors of our Inclusive Technology category.” 

Kate Headley, RIDI’s Chair, Government Disability Access Ambassador for the Recruitment sector, and Director of the Clear Company

Why Should Your Online Recruitment Disability-Inclusive?

Modern recruitment processes rely heavily on digital technology. Yet, researching a new career or applying for a new job online may not be an easy task for everyone. Many of the 16 million people in the UK who have a disability often encounter obstacles online when applying for jobs. 

Disabled people are almost twice as likely to be unemployed and only 1 in 3 disabled jobseekers think online job applications are suitably accessible for disabled people (RIDI).

By providing an inclusive candidate journey businesses can tap into a pool of talented and diverse individuals who bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table. This diversity can lead to increased innovation and problem-solving capabilities. According to the Boston Consulting Group, there is a 19% revenue increase for companies with diverse management teams compared to their less diverse counterparts.

Additionally, in today’s competitive job market, candidates actively seek out employers who prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion. By demonstrating inclusive recruitment practices on your website, your organisation signals a commitment to creating an inclusive work environment. 

Finally, an inclusive recruitment journey enhances a company’s reputation and brand. A commitment to inclusivity sends a powerful message to both potential employees and customers. Companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion are more likely to be seen as ethical and forward-thinking, attracting top talent and loyal consumers who want to support organisations that share their values.  

Start Optimising for Inclusion Today!

Everyone should have the opportunity to find their dream job. Discover hidden talent and recruit from a larger talent pool by providing accessibility support. 

Looking for more information, tips, and actionable processes to work through to make your workplace more inclusive? Download our Inclusive Recruitment Guide. Don’t Delay!

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