Recite Me New Feature Launch – PDFs are now accessible with translation & colour contrast support

The build and functionality of your website can be as technically accessible as you like, but if your web content is inaccessible the overall effect is still the same, your website users can’t access the information you’d like them to.

We think it’s rather like installing an access ramp leading up to your premises, but when the wheelchair user gets there, the door is bolted shut – or the only option for getting inside is a revolving door that wheelchair can’t fit through!

Good news is on hand though, for everyone. Your annual report, product price list or promotional flyer have just become more accessible to a large chunk of your digital audience. We’ve just rolled out two new feature enhancements to our software which make your online PDF content more accessible.

Now, websites with the Recite Me toolbar can be confident that users with English as a second language, or those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia can more easily access PDF documents online.

The translation feature that everyone tells us is so popular on our toolbar is now available on the PDF document reader. Your website visitors will now be able to enjoy the same additional language translation support when they are viewing your PDF-based content online. You’ve got them to the door…we’re now opening it for them to go through…so to speak.

We’ve also added in the colour contrast feature to the PDF reader software, so users can select their preferred colour combination for text and background while viewing a PDF file, just as they can on your standard web-pages. We know this is particularly beneficial to people with dyslexia.

If you open a PDF document on your website with Recite Me enabled, the language and colour buttons now appear. Users can select from over 100 different language options and the text will translate at a click of the button…and they can change the colour settings.

Take a look at our Smart Guide to Accessible PDFs on our website now to see how it works (and pick up a few extra tips on producing accessible content), the more accessible your original content is, the better Recite Me works!

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