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Recite Me Launch New Website to Support Inclusive Journeys

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The Recite Me website open on Mac, tablet and phone. Each device has a different webpage open

Recite Me has launched its all-new website, aimed to educate and support all organsation’s as they start their inclusive online journey. 

Accessibility and inclusion are at the core of this website build, creating a well-designed and easy-to-use website are at the top of their agenda to ensure a seamless user experience for customers, employees and website users from around the world.

Throughout the resource hub and dedicated landing pages, Recite Me provides everyone with the information they need from industry reports and guides, to interviews with leading figures across the D&I world.

In addition to the Recite Me toolbar and brand is an accessibility-friendly font, Lexend. This font is designed to reduce visual stress and thus improve reading performance.

Initially, Lexend was designed with dyslexia and struggling readers in mind, but Bonnie Shaver-Troup, the creator of the Lexend project, soon found out that these accessibility fonts are also great for everyone else!

quoteIt is fantastic to see our new website go live for all our staff, clients, and website visitors to explore. Accessibility always comes first, so we have ensured all users will have an easy-to-navigate experience while benefiting from a range of fantastic features to support their inclusive journey. Our enhanced branding has a professional and striking new look, and I’m thrilled with how it’s turned out!”

Ross Linnett, Recite Me CEO and Founder

Laptop with the Recite Me toolbar launched
Recite Me website open on a tablet with the toolbar launched
Recite Me website open on two mobile phones

This announcement comes on a key date on the D&I calendar, National Inclusion Week where organisation from around the country come together to raise awareness and open up the conversation about inclusion. 

To start your accessibility journey and discover the world of inclusion online explore the new Recite Me website today! Where you can find our website accessibility testing tools and aceessible website widget.

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