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Optimising Readability And Comprehension With our New Focus Text Feature

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At Recite Me, we continue our mission to enhance our digital products to help eliminate barriers and make the online world accessible for everyone. The latest new feature to be added to our toolbar is “Focus Text”.

Navigating online content can be challenging for individuals with diverse needs. That’s why we’ve developed Focus Text, an innovative tool designed to enhance readability, comprehension, and elevate the browsing experience for everyone.

Focus Text leverages the brain’s natural ability to recognise word shapes and patterns quickly. This is done by emphasising the most critical parts of words, guiding the eyes smoothly through the text. This method improves reading speed and comprehension, making online content more accessible to those with dyslexia, ADHD, and other reading challenges.

The Benefits of Recite Me Focus Text

Improved Readability

By highlighting key parts of words, Focus Text helps users process information more efficiently and with greater ease. Research has shown that this technique can increase reading speed by up to 27% and improve comprehension by up to 20%.

Improve Comprehension

Focus Text improves comprehension by guiding the eyes to the most informative parts of words, helping readers grasp sentence meanings more effectively. This leads to better retention and enhanced learning, making it particularly beneficial for students and professionals who need to quickly absorb and retain new information.


Focus Text can be especially helpful for individuals with reading difficulties by increasing accessibility and reducing cognitive load and visual stress, thereby creating a more inclusive reading environment where more people can enjoy and benefit from written content. These techniques have been reported to enhance comprehension for individuals with dyslexia by as much as 25%.

In addition to its unique reading enhancements, Focus Text integrates seamlessly with our existing features. Users can still enjoy our screen reader functionality, listening to content aloud with the added benefit of Focus Text’s structured emphasis. This feature also supports translation into Latin alphabet languages, ensuring international accessibility.

Have Questions or Feedback?

Contact us today! Our team is always eager to engage with the web accessibility community, learn from your experiences, and continually improve our products to support as many people as possible.

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