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Recruitment Industry Disability initiative (RIDI)

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Recruitment Industry Disability initiative (RIDI)

RIDI is a unique initiative to drive change in recruitment and remove the barriers faced by the millions of disabled people who are entering or progressing through the job market. RIDI believes more needs to be done to build disability confidence into recruitment and employment strategies, and campaigns actively to achieve this. RIDI started six years ago and the RIDI Awards, which began in 2014, are now becoming a regular fixture on the recruitment industry calendar.

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Our Brief

When RIDI launched its new website in 2017 it needed to ensure the website was fully accessible to the widest possible audience. As an organisation that campaigns to improve disability confidence it is essential the RIDI website is accessible to disabled people in particular. We truly believe in RIDI’s mission, which is why we became a partner of the organisation and Recite Me was implemented on the RIDI website.

Recite Me toolbar solution. Audio, styling, reading, translation icons.

Our Solution

We added the Recite Me accessibility and language toolbar to RIDI’s website, which lets everyone access the website in the format that works best for them. When visitors click on the link for the toolbar they can customise the entire website according to their varying accessibility and language needs. Recite Me caters for people with different disabilities (sight loss, mobility, cognitive impairment) in a variety of ways and it works fully with screen readers and all other types of assistive technology.

Client Testimonial

"RIDI aims to promote disability confidence and break down the barriers that exist for disabled job seekers. “So it’s vital that we set a good example to recruiters and employers around physical and digital accessibility. This includes making sure our website is accessible to the widest possible audience. That’s why we were thrilled to add Recite me to our new website, which was built using inclusive design and underwent user testing from people with a range of different disabilities. Recite Me adds the final touch for achieving accessibility, as it offers a unique combination of features that help people access web content in the way that best suits them. "

Kate Headley, Chair of the RIDI Executive Committee