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Lindsays Law Firm

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Lindsays Law Firm

Lindsays is a full service law firm based in Scotland. With offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, Lindsays provides support to clients through a full range of legal services that includes business legal needs, family law, estate planning, as well as commercial disputes, corporate deals and employment information and advice. With such a comprehensive range of services, it is inevitable that Lindsays will have potential clients who may have a disability or hearing or sight impairment. Additionally, since the majority of us now conduct our day-to-day tasks online, and with an aging population continuing to grow, it is now absolutely crucial for businesses to offer accessible content for everyone.

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Our Brief

Given the often sensitive nature of legal cases, and in particular having a number of elderly clients seeking legal services around wills, power of attorney and estate planning, it was imperative for Lindsays to make their online content as accessible as possible for every possible visitor. Moreover, the firm also provides a range of services involving employment law which may, at times, involve clients who are disabled and/ or visually impaired. As the world’s population continues to age, with figures estimating that it could triple to 1.5 billion by 2050, accessibility will become all the more crucial within the legal world as many of us will undoubtedly develop sight, hearing, or mobility issues later in life.

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Our Solution

Lindsays incorporated Recite Me’s toolbar onto their website earlier this year. Our software has already proven to be an easy, comprehensive solution that allows users to address a multitude of individual accessibility needs. Searching for legal assistance could indeed be an intimidating and time consuming process, but with Lindsays decades of experience combined with Recite Me’s innovative software, the task has become all the more manageable and user-friendly. Finding an appropriate lawyer or representation within the legal field is an important choice that must be taken seriously. Thanks to Recite Me and Lindsays partnership, prospective clients can rest assured that their individual needs will be taken care of on a case by case basis.

Client Testimonial

"You have to realize that all of the information online doesn’t suit everyone the way that it is. It’s been designed for the mass market, but that’s not taking into account that there are people with different needs. It’s so important to recognize that everybody needs to get access to the correct information and individual support that they need. We didn’t know something so easy and flexible to use like this was available. We saw the advantages of it immediately, and there didn’t seem a need to go anywhere else. "

Karen Slaughter, Marketing Communications Manager at Lindsays Edinburgh Office