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Dunelm Careers

Client Case Study
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Dunelm Careers

Dunelm is the UK’s number one homeware retailer, that provides over 50,000 products to over 5 million visitors online and in-store per week. Dunelm currently retails in 175 stores, showcasing product ranges to inspire customers as they browse. Dunelm is growing its services, by developing a ‘total retail system’, that is fully integrated and is supported by a robust network of customer-facing services and infrastructure.

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Our Brief

14.1 million people in the UK have some form of disability that can prevent them ease of access to online job vacancies. To fulfill Dunelm’s commitment to value each customer and employee and to close the disability employment gap, they wanted to provide a more inclusive experience online. Creating an equal opportunity to Dunelm job vacancies.

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Our Solution

To fulfill their commitment Dunelm Careers provides accessibility and language options to enable web visitors to customise their digital experience in a way in which works best for them.

Providing this support ensures equal opportunities, a diverse talent pool, and closure of the disability employment gap.

Over the past 12 months, the Recite Me toolbar has supported 2,449 unique users online to explore and apply for jobs barrier-free on the Dunelm Careers website. On average users view 4.4 pages per session which is higher than the standard internet average journey depth of 2.8 pages.

Client Testimonial

"Consideration to an inclusive recruitment process was delivered through removing barriers to ensure opportunities are fully accessible to all. Recite Me was engaged to provide a complete web-accessible site that could be customised for users’ needs to engage and interact with the Dunelm brand and for Dunelm to reach a wider audience. "

Paul Jenkins, Dunelm Careers