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The internet was designed to be used by everyone, and it is a vital element of a webmaster’s role to ensure that is the case.

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Accessibility Should Be a Vital Consideration in Web Design

Software upgrades, SEO updates, security checks, and server tests are just a few of the tasks that mean a webmaster’s job is never done. Going forward, accessibility best practices will be another vital factor to add to that to-do list. 

Overlaps already exist between accessibility best practices and search engine ranking signals, so incorporating website accessibility into design and update processes will be a required step in boosting your website’s ranking, traffic, and conversions.

Why Should Digital Inclusion be a Priority for Webmasters?

Consumer Demand
According to Google, 63% of all shopping journeys start online. Making your website accessible caters to this demand.
User Experience
Research shows that poor usability and accessibility forces end-users to click away from websites.
Google Best Practices
Google is increasingly favoring websites that follow accessibility guidelines as trusted sources.
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Online Accessibility Guide for Webmasters
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It’s the responsibility of a website manager to create an accessible website. Download our guide to find out how to build an inclusive website and the benefits that can be unlocked when you embed inclusion and accessibility into your website.

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