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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Recite Me

Recite Me collects information necessary to provide our services. We would never share or sell this information to third parties.

1. What information we use from you

In order for you to have an account with Recite Me we require certain information, which includes, but is not limited to, an email address, and URL of the website which you want Recite to be activated on. Recite Me does not evade or circumvent personal privacy settings on any third party site. Also, Recite Me does not have any control over any third-party websites' or service' privacy practices; such websites or service is governed by their respective privacy policies, which you should review carefully.

Please read our Cookie Statement for further information about the cookies we use, and how they comply with EU cookie and data protection legislation.

2. How we get your information

All information we get is obtained by voluntarily becoming a registered user of Recite Me, either by requesting a free trial or being issued with one following contact by our staff.

3. How we use your information

Recite Me uses your information to interact with our service and to personalize your account, and ensure that your web visitors can have the best user experience possible.

4. Security

We are doing our best to protect your information from being accessed, edited, deleted, published, and abused by or to unauthorized persons. Our statement on the security of Service as a Solution (SaaS) web products can be found here. However, no data transmission over the Internet and no method of data storage can be guaranteed to be secure we cannot ensure the security and integrity of your information and can not be held responsible for any unauthorized use.

5. Record Keeping

Under the UK Data Protection Act we would not continue to store information for longer than 5 years, unless you continued to be a customer of Recite Me and agreed for us to maintain records of your data on our systems.

6. Contact us

Registered address: Recite Me Ltd., Baltimore House, Baltic Business Quarter, Gateshead, United Kingdom NE8 3DF. Email: Phone: 0191 432 8092