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Webinar: Join us to Create an Inclusive Online Environment for Students

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Join us and UK creative marketing agency Concept4 on Thursday the 29th of September 2022, for our webinar that discusses the importance of putting accessibility and inclusion first across the digital landscape of educational organisations.

Want to know how you can build an inclusive and diverse digital platform that supports students with disabilities and additional needs online?

This week marks the 10th National Inclusion Week, where we all come together to celebrate inclusion and those driving unity.

A child begins their journey to adulthood in school, and without inclusive schools, and universities, students with additional needs may suffer the repercussions when moving on to their future careers.

This year’s theme for National Inclusion Week 2022 is to progress our unity into action, ‘Time to Act:The Power of Now’. Learn how you can kick start your organisations approach to accessibility and inclusion in our upcoming webinar – Creating an Inclusive Online Experience for Students.

Online Accessibility Webinar

Join us & UK creative marketing agency Concept4 on Thursday the 29th of September at 2:00 pm BST to learn about how you can take the steps to ensure your website is fully accessible to students with additional needs.

There will be an opportunity to submit questions to our expert panel and we will provide you with our key takeaways at the end of the webinar.

Register here to save your spot.

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